You Have a Voice #MeToo

You are not alone. Just when you start to feel isolated and let down as a female in our current society, challenge yourself to speak out. Unite with other women who understand what you are going through and empower each other. We want to hear from you! You can join the #MeToo Movement and conversation too today. Whatever your thoughts, stories, challenges, and experiences are- share them with us!

There is no greater struggle than having to go through this alone. Let us empower you to speak your mind and have a voice in society. You are important, and your voice matters to us. If you are struggling to find your voice and be heard, there is help.

In a society where us women feel shut down, we need to stand up for ourselves and come together as a united force. We have a right to free speech and should be able to voice our opinions. Issues with equal pay and equality in the work force have been prominent over years and seem to grow more in importance as time passes by. But in order for us to speak out, we have to feel comfortable doing so and be confident young women in our own skin.

I spent a very long time in my teenage years pretending to be someone I was not because I wanted guys to like me, and girls to treat me better. I fell into the stereotypes, lost my sense of self, started acting like the opposite of the person I wanted to be, and forgot who I was as an individual. I didn’t feel as if I had a voice, and today  I can say proudly that I do not feel that way anymore. However, the only way for me to realize my true potential and embrace my sense of self was to empower young women around me, and be empowered by positive female role models.

High school friends who support and embrace my womanhood.

My mom, sister, and two aunts have all led me to embrace my womanhood and stand up for who I am and what I believe in. I can feel natural and real in my own skin and I radiate happiness more so every day.

My mom, sister, and two aunts who serve as my greatest role models.

My best friends have stood alongside me in my decisions as I develop my own sense of self and decide where I want to have a voice in society. It can be difficult, but they have been supportive 100% of the way! These young ladies lead me to learn more about what I value and believe in every day. I treasure them and their strong feminine presence in my life.

Closest friends since Junior High

I inspire to make women feel this way and to be that positive and encouraging role model to those who do not have one. Let us hear your stories! Do not let your voice go unheard.

Speak out and tell us your story! Especially if there is nobody that you feel you can tell or talk to about these troubling issues. There are so many wonderful inspiring women in history who have shared their stories, talents, and success with the public! You can be next! Check out this phenomenal video acknowledging our leading female role models and their success stories!


If you are feeling inspired to share your voice and become part of the conversation look here as well as our full list of programs to look into.

Let’s unite together.

Written by Justyna Skowronski

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